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I think I’ll just get my diamond from oversea’s…. it’s cheaper..

by by Oct 17, 2017 380 0
This is a sentence often heard by someone who has been to 3 million jewellery stores and is now confused and tired of having conflicting perspectives and opinions on what’s the best kind of diamond for the engagement ring and thinks that by buying from overseas they are getting a better deal.

Think of it this way. If somebody walks into your store that you’re never going to see again, how likely are you to treat this client with every ounce of care. In a perfect world we’re all good Samaritans and give everyone 100%. However, we don’t live in a perfect world. And the reality is just that, when you’re a tourist, there is a risk that any wrong doing may not be dealt with accordingly, as you, the tourist will be gone tomorrow.

What do I mean by wrong doing –

Little things. That stack up in the end and mean that although it might feel like you got a bargain, all too often I see the result of these bargains gone wrong.
One client brought back a diamond that on the certificate said 1.50ct. The dimensions however did not meet that of a 1.5ct. It had the dimensions of a 1.20ct. So yes, technically it appeared he got a cheaper diamond. When in reality, if he’d just bought a 1.20, it would have looked the same and cost less.

Another client purchased on paper a VS2 diamond. Unfortunately, your partner doesn’t wear the paper on her hand, she wears the rock. And despite it saying VS2, it was a messy stone with big black inclusions. They turned down an SI because on paper it graded lower, yet in real life this SI had white inclusions which were harder to notice and therefore was the better stone.

What I’m getting at is you need to trust who you’re dealing with. He who has the most Instagram followers does not necessarily have the time to look after each and every client as the Insta-fame has shortened his day.

Go with your gut instinct. Don’t be trapped into thinking overseas purchases are cheaper and therefore better.
As the saying goes
“Pay peanuts, get monkeys”

And I urge you to be honest with who you are dealing with, we are in the online era where certain online stores are selling diamonds significantly less than bricks and mortar stores. Sometimes they are good diamonds, sometimes they are the diamonds that nobody wanted.

Keep an open mind, all that shimmers is not gold. If something seems a little too good to be true, it probably is. Good luck kids, it’s a jungle out there.
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