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Diamond insurance

Gina was an absolute life saver in the ordeal we faced when my pink diamond was stolen. Thankfully it was insured. However, the insurer was not well versed on pink diamonds and was opting to replace the pink diamond with one of lesser value.

Had it not been for Gina stepping in and dealing directly with the insurer, I’d be wearing a far less valuable diamond and not even realised it. I cannot thank her enough for educating the staff at the insurance company and handling the entire situation. She had our best interest at heart and worked tirelessly until she found a comparable diamond. You can't put a price on piece of mind.


We approached Gina in relation to using our superannuation to purchase a pink diamond. Gina was extremely thorough with her research and presented us with market options. She made it very easy to see which diamonds would hold their value better.

Gina takes her work very seriously. She definitely goes above and beyond to make sure you get what you want. We are thrilled with our purchase.

Engagement ring

For my engagement ring, I had my heart set on a pink diamond I had seen on Instagram. The price was WELL beyond my reach. We would never have been able to afford my dream ring. Gina was patient in explaining how I can still have the same look without needing to sell our apartment to make it a reality. I love my engagement ring. It’s different and I know it’s an Australian diamond which means a lot to me. I couldn’t recommend her enough for anything pink related.

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Hold value

I had been in to see a few companies in Sydney regarding purchasing a pink diamond, and I just did not feel at ease with the sales staff I dealt with. I was referred to Gina. From the first phone call, I knew I was dealing with a genuine person who was not out to “scam” me into something foreign I didn’t quite understand.

Gina took the time to explain things in a way that made sense. She knows her stuff and is very frank and open about the process. She found an affordable option that fulfilled my needs. I’m stoked with the piece I had made. I don’t have any intentions of selling this diamond down. I want my grandchildren to cherish it once the mine has shut and there are no more Argyle pink diamonds in circulation.

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One Client at a Time

Lady Lux offers personalised client services as every client's objective is different and different objectives require different diamonds.

Lady Lux deals with all sorts of different clients. Some wish to invest their superannuation. Some clients are simply looking for a gift. Others are wanting a piece of Australia that will hold its worth to hand down to future generations.

Given the nature of pink diamonds are exclusive and expensive, Lady Lux deals with one client at at time. Good things take time and accurate information cannot be compromised by rushing. This allows us to provide our clients with the right information and create a bespoke piece that is exactly what they want.