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Coloured diamonds are some of the rarest in the world. Because they are difficult to acquire, the diamond collector's market is rife with competition. Jewellers, jewellery organisations, gemstone specialists and online retailers compete for a space in the lucrative diamond industry.
Jeweller and organisations have turned to the diamond collector's market to generate more revenue. They attempt to specialise in coloured diamonds, particularly pink diamonds, even without sufficient experience in and understanding of the market.
Many jewellers and organisations are not familiar with rare colours. Certain diamonds are not commonly handled by many jewellers and organisations, so their knowledge is limited. A diamond's colour scale is very important as it directly affects its price and value. Some organisations are jumping aboard the pink diamond movement in order to make a quick dollar though unfit to advise on such purchases.
Lady Lux fully understands the diamond industry. We have worked in the wholesale market of Australian pink diamonds – purchasing, assessing and comparing pink diamonds for many years. We know which colours, shapes, cuts and carats are preferred by what type of clients.

Understanding of Rarity

Lady Lux comes from a wholesale background, so on a daily basis we would be answering enquiries from jewellers looking for a particular diamond. Years of dealing with enquiries and searching for requests has set the tone for knowing at an international level what exists, what does not, what is common, what is uncommon, what requires years of patience to collect, and what can be found this week.

As a commodity commanded by supply and demand, it makes it a lot easier to advise on which diamonds are the easiest to sell. This also makes it easier for us to advise based on the outcome the client is seeking to achieve.

One Client at a Time

Lady Lux offers personalised client services as every client's objective is different and different objectives require different diamonds.

Lady Lux deals with all sorts of different clients. Some wish to invest their superannuation. Some clients are simply looking for a gift. Others are wanting a piece of Australia that will hold its worth to hand down to future generations.

Given the nature of pink diamonds are exclusive and expensive, Lady Lux deals with one client at at time. Good things take time and accurate information cannot be compromised by rushing. This allows us to provide our clients with the right information and create a bespoke piece that is exactly what they want.

Request an introductory consult and let us help you choose the perfect investment diamond for your assets. Or start creating a bespoke diamond jewellery.

Our experts will be with you shortly to give you comprehensive guidance from creation to completion.

Conservative Approach

Many companies selling pink diamonds are heavily advertising big returns. Most commonly seeing adverts for 15% per annum returns.

At Lady Lux we understand that NOT ALL diamonds will have a 15% return. Several factors are at play. We choose to remain conservative in our approach.

Lady Lux operates from the “it’s better to be safe, than sorry” perspective and would prefer the client to be pleasantly surprised than bitterly disappointed.

Diamond Certificates

Are all certificates created equally? No.

Will the type of certificate impact the value of the diamonds in the event you need to liquidate? Of course.

Having traded in pink diamonds means we know what a certain piece will be worth in the market based on the corresponding certificates it carries. To further illustrate the issue with certificates - one certificate may grade a diamond a particular colour, and another “brand” of certification may also grade that diamond the same colour (on paper).

To the untrained eye, they will think these diamonds are the same. However, they more than likely are not. It’s like comparing a red Porsche to a red Toyota. Yes, they are both red cars on paper - but are they the same? NO and their market value will vary based on their certificate.

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