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HighssROI Argyle Pink Diamonds & CUSTOM DIAMOND RINGS

Founded by coloured diamond expert Gina Coluccio, Ladylux grew into a reputable loose diamonds supplier and custom jewellery manufacturer within a few years of operation. Gina is a seasoned diamond entrepreneur as well as an advocate of purposeful beauty. Her work in the Argyle pink diamonds industry is a reflection of this advocacy, which balances beauty with practicablity and usefulness.

For every woman to exude confidence in any occasion, they must look elegant and arm themselves with beautiful jewellery. While elegance is a lifestyle choice, if it is within your capacity, you have every right to use it to your advantage. Be a luxurious lady who can take on the world - that's the essence of Ladylux.

Our areas of specialty include pink diamond investment, pre-designed jewellery and bespoke diamond engagement rings.

Ladylux fully understands the diamonds industry. We have worked in the wholesale market of Argyle pink diamonds – purchasing, assessing and comparing pink diamonds in Sydney, Australia. Careful attention to each and every detail coupled with impeccable customer service has helped expand our market. Not only do we cater to overseas clients,  but we also know which diamond colours, cuts and carats are preferred by what type of clients. As long-time manufacturing jewellers in Sydney, our clients’ satisfaction always comes first.

Pink Diamonds Investment

While we offer different types of diamond investment, Ladylux’s Pink Diamond Investment package is a renowned bestseller. You can find a wide variety of Argyle pink diamonds certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) on our flagship store in Sydney. Take your pick from an array of top-grade loose diamonds, including rare pink diamonds specially sourced from the Argyle mine.

Pink diamonds are classified as high ROI diamonds – characterised by high demand and low supply. Due to the scarcity of Argyle pink diamonds and with the Argyle mine set to run its course in the next few years, rare pinks may fetch more than 10 times the price of ordinary colourless and coloured diamonds. Investing in pink diamonds while the mine still exists is by far the wisest choice any diamond investor can make.

If you’re not sure where to begin with your pink diamond investment, feel free to contact our in-house consultants. Send us a message through the contact form or give us a ring.

Custom Engagement Rings

Proposing to your fiancee anytime soon but not sure where to start? Talk to us! Let us know your diamond engagement ring needs and we’ll do our best to meet you halfway.

We work closely with each and every request, from simple ones to the most avante-garde and unique designs. Our clients have 100% say in the creation process. And if they’re having a hard time coming up with the perfect design, we offer our guidance while taking into consideration their design ideas and preferences.

We’ll guide you as you select your own diamond centrepiece, taking into acccount your preferred cut, colour, carat and density. We’ll also provide some market background for each stone or design you fancy so you can make an informed decision. 

Our master craftsmen and setters will then work their magic and create a masterpiece based on your ideas.

diamond certificates

Not all diamond lab certificates are created equally. The type of certificate you have affects the value of your diamonds, especially if you want to liquidate it. Our extensive experience in the pink diamonds trade makes us sensitive to the valuation of each gemstone and how much it’s likely to fetch in the market based on the certificates it carries.
Be careful where you get your diamond certificates. Here at Ladylux, all our diamonds are certified by the Gemological Institute of America – an internationally acclaimed gemstone lab, regarded as one of the pioneers in gemstone research and grading standards.

One client at a time

Ladylux offers personalised client services as every client’s objective is different and different objectives require different diamonds. Ladylux caters to the needs of different clients. Some wish to invest their superannuation, while some clients are simply looking for a gift. Others are wanting a piece of Australia that will hold its worth to hand down to future generations.
The scarcity of pink diamonds makes them exclusive and expensive. To fully address your needs, Ladylux deals with one client at a time. This allows us to provide you with the right information and create a bespoke piece that is exactly what you want.

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